Anthurium Plowmanii Choices for Home Decor

This world provides so much beauties, one of them is flowers, so many kinds of flowers that grow in nature. You can also enjoy the growth of beautiful flower plants in your home as well, it will make your day even more memorable. Especially if we do have plants that can grow to a giant size that we can see whole day.

One of the flowers that can grow to a giant size is Anthurium Plowmanii as known as the wave of love, this plant has reached a fantastic price. This flower has wavy beautiful leaves so it will be perfect if it’s one of an option of plant/flower on your list to decorate your room.

Anthurium Plowmanii

This flower can be multiply by cutting the root tuber or seperated the root and the other option you can plant the seeds that will grow usually in the middle of the flower.

Even low maintenance of the wave of love, make them to decorate your home is the right idea. You can place them in some places such as:

• In the corner of the room, in the house, in the yard, balcon, rooftop, it can also be used as a decoration by placing it close to the fishpond to make it cool and looks shady.
• Or you can add a standing pot to make it more beautiful.

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