Best Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for Planting

You may want to plant organic black oil sunflower seeds. However, you do not know what are the best organic black oil sunflower seeds to plant. Here, we have some recommendations that may be able to be your consideration.

The Best Organic Black Oil Sunflower Seeds for Planting

When we were trying to search about the best organic black oil sunflower seeds for planting, here is what we found.

Organic Sunflower Seeds (Black Oil) on GotSprouts site

If you access the GotSprouts site, you are able to find organic sunflower seeds (black oil). The price of it is $5.85 for 1 lb. For your information, organic black oil sunflower can support a heart-healthy diet and increase energy. Besides, it is also a good source of antioxidants and good for your skin. You can also get the complete amino acid profile and also omega fatty acids, minerals, live enzymes and important vitamins A, D, E and K.

Organic black oil sunflower

The sprouts of sunflowers can activate every cell in the immune system and they can build skeletal, muscular and neurological systems. To sprout, you have to pre soak the seeds for 4 to 6 hours. After that, you have to plant directly in organic soil. And then, you are able to harvest between 3″ to 4″ in height at 7 to 10 days maturity.

Here are some reviews from other users.

  • Deborah Payne from Texas

The best sunflower seeds on the market. We have used seed from three other sources that were less expensive but could only achieve a yield of about 30% to 50% of the yield that we get with your seed. So at harvest your seed is by far the least expensive on the market and the quality of the shoots are by far superior. Thanks”

  • Karen Mattausch from Stanwood

“I am very happy with Got Sprouts. I grow my own sprouts using their seeds and they are top notch! I would highly recommend purchasing from Got Sprouts!!! Always a smooth transaction!”

On GotSprouts site, besides you can find and buy organic black oil sunflower seeds, you are also able to find and buy the other seeds such as organic alfalfa seeds, organic mung beans, organic pea seeds, organic radish seeds, and organic flax seeds.

Organic Black Sunflower Seed on Sky Sprouts Organics Site

On the Sky Sprouts organics site, you are able to find and buy Organic Black Sunflower Seed for £4.40 to £124.00. You are able to use this seed for growing Sunflower Greens (Micro-Greens) which is rich in vitamins and minerals. These baby plants are a source of nutrients and plant compounds which are invaluable. The seed can produce robust greens which have a lovely nutty flavour. It can be great to be added to salads.

On the Skysprouts Organics site, you are also able to find Organic Live Barley For Sprouting, Organic Red Lentil Seed and Organic Mung Seed.

Sunflower – Black Oil (Organic) Microgreens Seeds on True Leaf Market Site

It is from Mountain Valley Seed Co. The price is $13.90. The sunflower microgreens are big, substantial greens . They are crunchy and they have a pleasant nutty flavor. You are able to use them as a base for any microgreens salad. You can make a good snack with them and your kids can try to sneak them.

It is easy to plant this but only in soil. If you want to plant sunflower greens, it is very hard hydroponically and it is not recommended. But with these seeds, you can grow sunflower microgreens easily. You have to soak seeds in cold water for 4 hours and plant directly. Then, you are able to spread evenly and tamp very gently to make sure that it contacts with the soil. You can mist it only as needed and cover until it germinates. It needs 7 to 10 days to mature.

Sunflower buds

Black Oil Sunflower Organic Shoot Seed on Johnny’s Selected Seeds

This is mild and has a nutty flavor. You are able to harvest from 3 to 4″ or just before the first true leaves emerge. You are able to eat fresh sunflower shoots, add to salad, use as a garnish or use in a wide variety of dishes. It is USDA certified organic and there are average 8,900 seeds/ lb.

They are available in various bag size including:

  • 1/4 pound for $5.00
  • 1 pound for $11.30
  • 5 pounds for $49.00
  • 25 pounds for $218.75
  • 50 pounds for $373.50
  • 100 pounds for $745.00

If you want to grow it, you can do that in a greenhouse, indoors under lights or outside. Make sure that you do that when the weather is warm 65 degree F. You have to soak the seeds for 8 hours and then fill flats with 1 to 1 1/2″ soilless media. Then, you have to sow seeds thickly and cover with an inverted tray. You need to press the seeds lightly into soil media. Then, you are able to leave the inverted tray on the flat for 2 to 3 days or until you see germination lift the trays upwards an inch and then remove.

You have to keep it moist by misting on a regular basis or you can use a leak-proof tray to bottom water. If there is mold which becomes a problem in warmer conditions the bottom watering method can be used. Shoots must be at size 7 to 21 days. If you want to have a blanched final product, you are able to grow in a dark area.

Sunflower seeds watering method

When the seedlings are growing, you can run a plant stake gently or your hand over the plants. By doing it, it will help knock off the seed coats from the cotyledons. If you see that some seed coats do not fall off readily, you can remove them with your fingers. If you see that some of them may not come off even with a gentle pulling, you are able to remove them before harvesting.

To harvest it, you can use a sharp harvest knife or scissors. You can cut the shoots above the soil line. You can do this when shoots reach 3 to 6″. Then, you can put them in plastic bags or sealed containers and refrigerate.

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