Best Recipe of Hibiscus Kombucha and Its Benefit

Recipes of Hibiscus Kombucha may vary, depending on whether the hibiscus Kombucha is used in the first or second fermentation. However either way you want to make it, we have a best and easy Hibiscus Kombucha recipe for you.

Hibiscus Kombucha Benefits

Here are some benefits of Hibiscus Kombucha:

  • Hibiscus is naturally high in antioxidants which are essential to human health.
  • Some studies have been conducted on humans and animals showing that hibiscus can help lower blood pressure.
  • Hibiscus Kombucha can detoxify the liver as well as help maintain a healthy weight.

Hibiscus kombucha benefits

When brewing at home, the rule is to always use the real tea when making Kombucha. It means the Camellia sinensis plant, picked and processed in some styles, which we know as green teas, black teas, and white teas.

Need to know that Hibiscus is a tisane, not from the tea plant. Although many called them as herbal tea, tisanes are only herbs. When making Kombucha, it is highly recommended that they be used for flavoring in the second ferment only, after removing the Scoby and starter liquid from the completed brew. It is to prevent oils or other elements present in the tisanes from affecting future brews.

Primary Fermentation Hibiscus Kombucha Recipe

In this version, we change the tea 100% for hibiscus. Also, you are able to do a blend of 50/50 or whatever you want to try. For note: It is not our favorite method to make Hibiscus Kombucha. Actually, we prefer to make a regular Kombucha base and add flavorings as usual. Some of those recipes can be found below.

We prefer that recipe because the flavor of a 100% hibiscus Kombucha can be really strong, and turn sour more quickly. Also, it is sometimes difficult to mix other flavors in with a full hibiscus brew, because they are able to be dominated. This process is popular, so we want to ensure you know how.  One of interesting parts of using hibiscus in primary fermentation is the pink Scoby that it forms. To make a smaller batch, you are able to cut the recipe in half and taste after 3 – 4 days.


  • 1 cup dried hibiscus
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 – 2 cups kombucha starter
  • 1 full size Kombucha SCOBY
  • Up to 4 quarts water


  • Firstly, boil 4 cups of water. You are able to use an electric tea kettle or use a pot on the stove.
  • Then, add 1 cup of hibiscus to the water and steep for 15 minutes. (If possible, not in the brewing vessel).
  • After that, stir in 1 cup of sugar until dissolved.
  • Please add 2 quarts of cold water to your brewing vessel.
  • Next step you need to do is straining the hibiscus mixture into the brewing vessel.
  • You also need to test the temperature of the liquid. It should be body temperature or below. If not, you have to wait for it to cool.
  • Now, you are able to add 1 full size Scoby. It may sink or float, it does not matter where it ends up in the jar, a new layer will grow across the top.
  • Afterwards, pour the mature starter liquid over the Scoby to prevent mold and quickly lower the pH of the brew.
  • Please cover with a breathable, tightly woven cloth cover.
  • You have to ferment for 7-14 days until it has a sweet or sour flavor that you enjoy best.
  • When it is ready, simply remove the SCOBYs from kombucha and place in a clean bowl. Please draw off 1 to 2 cups of hibiwcus kombucha as starter liquid if you intend to use the hibiscus SCOBYs for another batch.
  • You need to pour the remaining liquid into the bottles and then add flavorings and tightly cap.
  • Please do not add the hibiscus SCOBY to your main Hotel. You may start a new batch of hibiscus Kombucha by using the same SCOBYs, compost the hibiscus SCOBYs, or if you want to use them for future batches of hibiscus kombucha, make their own SCOBY Hotel.

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The Best Recipes of Hibiscus Kombucha – Adding Hibiscus in the Second Ferment

This is the more traditional method to make a hibiscus flavored Kombucha, by brewing your regular Booch and then flavoring it. The basic hibiscus flavoring recipe below is able to be blended with any other flavors.

For recipes, we have provided 16oz bottles and 1 Gallon measurements. You won’t need 7x as much flavor to make the same taste of hibiscus kombucha so the amounts of each flavor dont need scale. You are able to increase or decrease the amounts to reach your preferred flavor.

Hibiscus Kombucha Flavoring Base Recipe

16oz bottle

  • 1 tsp dried hibiscus petals

1 gallon

  • 2 Tbsp dried hibiscus petals

Raspberry Hibiscus Kombucha

Raspberries are a member of the rose family, they have such a deep red color. Like many berries, they are high in vitamin C which is essential for boosting immunity and giving antioxidants. Also, they have a sweet tart flavor that makes a divine pairing with hibiscus.

16oz bottle

  • ½ tsp dried hibiscus petals
  • 1 Tbsp raspberries, sliced or smooshed

1 gallon

  • 1 Tbsp dried hibiscus petals
  • ¼ cup raspberries, sliced or smooshed

Cranberry Hibiscus Kombucha

The cranberry is naturally bitter and tart, stimulates digestion and aids the process of elimination. A touch of hibiscus Kombucha can mellow the intensity of the cranberry. Making a juice with some added sugar can help boost the fizz.

16oz bottle

  • ½ tsp dried hibiscus petals
  • 1 Tbsp cranberry juice

1 gallon

  • 1 Tbsp dried hibiscus petals
  • ¼ cup cranberry juice

Blueberry Hibiscus Kombucha

This Recipe is high in anthocyanins, the antioxidants which impart the purplish-blue that having a good taste and fresh. A touch of hibiscus increases and adds depth that will leave you wanting more.

16oz bottle

  • ½ tsp dried hibiscus petals
  • 1 Tbsp blueberries, sliced or smooshed

1 gallon

  • 1 Tbsp dried hibiscus petals
  • ¼ cup blueberries, sliced or smooshed

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