Complete Guide of Hibiscus X Moscheutos

Hibiscus X Moscheutos is the hybrid hardy hibiscus that you can see in the market as a complex hybrid of different hibiscus the majority of which are native to North America. Propagating this hybrid hibiscus is easy. The first one is by seeds and the second one is by crown divisions. The best time to propagate them is during winter dormancy.

There are numerous hybrids of the native North America hibiscus species which have been released by the commercial nursery trade. In the cultivation the hybrids or species can be used in bog gardens or other water features.

Hibiscus X Moscheutos

So, if you want to know more about Hibiscus x Moscheutos, you just simply scroll down this page to find out the answer. However, this post will inform you all about Hibiscus  x Moscheutos including plant identification, growing tips, maintenance tips and much more. So, let’s find out what you’re looking for in our post below!

Hibiscus X Moscheutos Identification

As we’ve explained, Hibiscus x Moscheutos is hybrid hibiscus which are offered in the form of seed hybrids. This is a cold-hardy perennial wetland plant which can grow in large colonies. Hibiscus x Moscheutos is well-known as Swamp Swallow which provides big, showy flowers from mid-summer to autumn.

Hibiscus x Moscheutos is a shrubby moisture loving plant which performs well along pond edges or other damp areas. This gorgeous, low maintenance plant is available in a range of colors, including peach, white, red, pink, lavender, burgundy and sometimes bi-color varieties.

Hibiscus x moscheutos is found in wetlands and along the riverine systems of the eastern United States from Texas to the Atlantic States, its territory extending northward to southern Ontario. This species of hibiscus leaves are hirsute which are of variable morphology, commonly the shape of it is deltoidal with up to three lobes

The Characteristic of Hibiscus x Moscheutos

In fact, there are many forms of Hibiscus x Moscheutos which can be found in nature. The color of the petals ranged from pure white to deep rose, or mostly maroon or burgundy. Taxonomic consensus is lacking for the nomenclature of some subspecies. Moreover, the related hibiscus leaves carries buds and blooms along the stem and the flowers of this hibiscus are borne apically.

Hibiscus x Moscheutos has been known as a vigorous, rounded, sturdy, shrubby, woody-based perennial of the mallow family. This species typically grows to 3 – 7’ and to 2 – 4’. This plant is native to wet spots such as swamps, marshes, river banks, floodplains, moist woods, and moist meadows.

The flower of this hibiscus size is like dinner plate each to 4 – 6 diameter, with overlapping white and pink petals creamy white with reddish-purple to dark crimson bases that form a sharply contrasting central eye.

Additionally, the individual flowers last only 1 – 2 days, however new flowers open each day in rapid succession over a long July to September bloom period.

At the peak of bloom, this plant can generate 20 or more flowers per day which will be 6 – 9” wide where they are among the largest flowers generated by any perennial which is winter hardy to the St. Louis area.

Moreover, alternate, broad-ovate to lanceolate leaves (3 – 8” long) with toothed margins are green above and white-hairy beneath. In this case, leaves are lobeless or have around 3 – 5 shallow lobes. Seed capsules will really float on water that facilitates seed dispersal.

The flowers of hibiscus x moscheutos are attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators. This plant is growing for the gorgeous foliage of large with heart-shaped foliage, 4 – 10” in length with toothed margins and white-hairy undersides.

Hibiscus x Moscheutos is a strikingly showy North America species which has been a favorite garden perennial for decades. This plant typically grows upright, up to 90 – 210 cm and wide 60 – 120 cm.

This plant really thrives in full sun in average, medium to wet soils and tolerates some light shade but best flower production and disease resistance happen in full sun. But, it can be grown in standing water, up to 6 inches (15 cm) deep.

This hybrid hibiscus prefers moist , organically rich soils, but is fairly drought tolerant after establishing. In this case, they are tolerant of heat and humidity at once. Planting sites should be protected from wind to reduce the risk of wind burn.

Growing Tips for Hibiscus x Moscheutos

The easiest and fastest way to grow hibiscus x moscheutos is to buy a plant at a nursery garden center. You can also get the hibiscus x moscheutos from seed plants. However, growing this hybrid hibiscus by seed is not hard at all.

At the beginning of planting, you can start seeds indoors eight to ten weeks before the last frost in your area or plant seeds directly in the garden once the last frost in spring. This plant thrives best in well drained soil, amended with organic matter. It prefers acidic soil.

Well, to add acidity to your soil, you can add Peat moss or potting soil to your garden. If your soil is mostly clay, make sure to consider growing hibiscus x moscheutos in a raised bed to eliminate water buildup.

A great time to plant hibiscus x moscheutos is after all the danger of frost has passed. To plant this hardy hibiscus, you can dig a hole double the size of the pot and set the plant in, the crown of the plant should then rest just at or above the soil surface.

It’s highly recommended to press the new loose dirt around the plant and water. Make sure to add the soil if you water and the base of the plant shows. If you are growing multiple Hibiscus, ensure to space plants around 2 to 3 feet apart in the garden. Even though the plant may be small, those beauties will reach 48” – 72” tall.

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