How to Care Hibiscus in Winter Easily

Chinese hibiscus is one of the most beloved by gardeners, although the flowers don’t stay open for more than a day, they produce in such quantities so there are always plenty of them to bloom, except when the temperature drops.

After summer, plants prepare as best they can survive in fall and, most importantly in winter. But if this is the first time we grow them, usually we have a lot of doubts about how to care for hibiscus in winter. If that’s what you’re going through, enjoy to keep reading this article.

Care Hibiscus in Winter

If you live more than a few days a year below freezing (32 F. or 0 C), you should keep your hibiscus indoors during the winter.

As winter approaches one of the things we should do is protect our hibiscus from the cold before the temperature drops below 50°F, especially if we live in an area where frost usually occurs. Although it is resistant to -1°C and even -2°C if for a short time, so it can sprout vigorously in the spring, it is highly recommended to avoid exposure to these values, as it will weaken them greatly. With this in mind, we can protect it with plastic or place it indoors, in a room with lots of natural light.

Now, let’s move on to watering method. The frequency of watering should be much less than we usued to do during the summer. When autumn is coming, the days are shorter but also colder, and once winter is over, you’ll need to water less. The question is, how often? It will depend on where the hibiscus is and the climate in the area, but generally it should be watered once or twice a week.

Or else we can add a small spoonful of nitrophoska every 15 days. This will help keep the roots warm, which will prevent them from suffering from cold.

Hibiscus plants will grow well outdoors in the summer in most areas, they need to be protected in the winter. Winter hibiscus is easy to make. Let’s take a look at the winter hibiscus care steps.

The first thing to remember about winter hibiscus care is that hibiscus in winter requires less water than in summer. While watering is essential for year-round hibiscus care, in winter, you should only water the plant when the soil is dry. If you water more than this, you can damage the roots. This will cause a lot of yellow leaves on your hibiscus.

You will see some of yellow leaves on the hibiscus when you care for the hibiscus indoors during the winter. This is normal, and the plant is working normally. If all the leaves have fallen but the branches are still pliable, your hibiscus has just entered a period of full dormancy. At this time, you may want to place it in a cool dark place and leave it dormant.

Planting hibiscus flowers is an easy way to add a tropical touch to your garden. When you know how to care for a hibiscus plant, you will be rewarded with many years of beautiful flowers. Let’s look at some tips on how to care for hibiscus flowers in winter

Keeping Hibiscus Inside Over Winter

Hibiscus is tropical plant so they don’t survive exposure to freezing temperatures. Well If the temperatures stay below 50F in your place for more than brief periods, over this season you have to bring your hibiscus into your home to save it.  But if you have a hardy hibiscus, that plant can stay outdoors over winter and will go dormant this fall, rest over winter season, and in late spring they produce new growth with flowers following in summer.

How to Bring Hibiscus Indoors Before Winter

Follow these simple steps!
– Prune your hibiscus plant by removing up to a quarter of the new growth. This way will save you from having to clean up of fallen leaves nad to note that this thing naturally happens when the plant goes from indoors to outdoors as a result of shock. And its natural as well when you will still see some fallen leaves.

– You can move your hibiscus in pot, the whole inside after you cut it back. Or else if you want to pot them again after they has been growing, you can use container and use a potting mix not garden soil.

– You can give your hibiscus a preventative treatment to keep pests from coming inside. Such as popular sprays that are okay to use on a plant indoors include neem oil and insecticidal soap.

Winter Hibiscus Care Indoors
Your hibiscus indoors loves light. They will grow best in a high-light spot in your home. A large patio door can be the best tips for it. Hibiscus will happily grow in winter under a plant light. They will be happier when you give them more light over winter.

When the top of your hibiscus inch or two of the potting mix dries that means you need to water them. By knowing that hibiscus require substantially less water indoors during winter than it did when you grew your plant outdoors. That will make it easier to care for.

How often should hibiscus be watered indoors. It depends on how cool or warm your home is, and the humidity level. And remember there are things that can cause hibiscus leaves to turn yellow: warm and cold winds during winter. including heating vents.

Fertilizing Hibiscus During Winter

during the winter let the hibiscus rest. fertilization can be done again when they grow longer or come spring around March.

Winter Flowering

During the winter hibiscus is in a period of dormancy. so the possibility of flowering is rare.To remember also not to worry too much, sometimes you will see flower buds falling off because this is also natural. When stressed, hibiscus will drop their flower buds in response.

Well, the point you need to do is a little planning, regular watering and bright spots in your room.


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