How to Propagate Calathea Triostar Easily

Calathea Triostar is part of the Prayer Plant Family and this plant has incredible colourful leaves with pink undersides. You may have a pot of this plant in your house and now you want to propagate it. If so, you can do that by following the steps of propagating Calathea Triostar that can be explained below.

Tools for Propagating a Calathea Triostar

Before you start propagating your Calathea Triostar plant, it is better if you prepare all the tools that you need for propagating your Calathea Triostar. According to the Fiddle and Thorn site, here are the tools that you need for propagating a Calathea Triostar.

Calathea Triostar

  • A Calathea Triostar plant which is healthy and mature.
  • Scissors or shears which are sharp.
  • Fresh soil
  • Water
  • Spare pot
  • If you propagate it indoors, you may need newspaper or plastic sheet

The Steps to Propagate a Calathea Triostar

You are able to propagate a Calathea Triostar by dividing the mother plant. How to do that? You are able to follow the steps below according to the Fiddle and Thorn site.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to take your Calathea Triostar out of its pot. If you want to propagate this plant through division, you have to find the various natural sections of the plant. You have to take your plant out of the pot carefully and you have to shake off the potting mix around the room system.
  • Secondly, you have to find the various offshoots in your plant. When you are looking for a part of the plant to divide, it will be very clear if there are various offshoots on your plant. They will have a separate root system and growth will stem from the middle of every section.
  • In this step, you have to separate the different sections. When you separate it, you have to be careful in pulling the various sections apart from each other. If you have to slice around the plant a little to separate them, no problem. However, you have to make sure that each part of the plant has a substantial amount of the root system to help a successful propagation. Here, you are able to decide how many new plants that you want to create. It depends on the size of your plant and also how big and bushy you want the plants to end up.
  • After that, you have to place them in water or fresh potting mix. You have to pot the main mother plant back into its pot and then you have to decide whether you want to place the new plants in water first or you want to place them into potting mix. It will depend on the maturity of the root system as cited from the Fiddle and Thorn site. If you find that your plant has strong roots, you can pot it directly into a potting mix. However, if you find that the roots have been damaged while propagating, or you feel that they are underdeveloped, you can grow the plant first in fresh water for a few weeks. When you pot it into soil, you have to make sure that you use a high-quality potting mix. It is done to make the plant get the right balance of nutrients. Instead of using soil from other plants again, it is better for you to use fresh soil. It is because if you use soil from other plants, there may be bacteria and pests which can linger in potting mix and you do not know it and it will move onto your new young calathea triostar.
  • After you have done the steps above, now you are able to continue to do normal care for calathea triostar. Now, your new Calathea Triostar is in its new pot and you are able to care for it as you did to your other mother Calathea plant. However, if you put the plants in water first before you repot into soil, you have to refresh that water every several days. If you find that the root system is stronger, then you can repot it into soil.

When Can We Propagate Calathea Triostar?

According to the Fiddle and Thorn site, it is recommended for you to propagate your Calathea Triostar in spring and summer. If you propagate it in spring, it can make sure that your plant gets a lot of warm and sunny weather. Besides, your mother plant will recover quicker from the initial shock of propagation.

If you propagate your Calathea Triostar in deep winter, it means that you will grow new leaves during the dormant period and it will be much slower.

Why Is My New Calathea Triostar Not Growing Any New Leaves?

If you find that your new Calathea Triostar is not growing any new leaves after propagation, don’t be panicked because it is normal for the plant to feel a little bit shocked. As a human, when you move to a new place, you may be stressed, isn’t it? Houseplants are also the same. Before the plant can start growing new roots and leaves, it needs to get over the shock.

If you care for the plant well and place it in a suitable environment, your new Calathea Triostar will grow new leaves. It is just a matter of time.

The Reason Why the New Leaves on New Calathea Triostar Smaller

You may find that your new Calathea Triostar has smaller and delicate leaves compared to the leaves of the mother plant. Well, it is normal because your plant has gone through a lot of things and they will need some time to be able to recover. You just have to give the plant a few weeks and then you will see the leaves begin to go back to have the normal size.

How Long the New Calathea Triostar Will Take to Establish?

According to the Smart Garden Guide site, it may take two to four weeks for your new Calathea Triostar to settle into their new pots and start to show new growth. This period will be used by the plant to adjust to the new conditions and recover from the shock of being separated and transplanted.

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