Little Limelight Hydrangea (Dwarf) Size

Little Lime Hydrangea is the name of the dwarf version of the common full size Limelight Hydrangea. This one is 3-5 feet tall by 3-5 feet wide in size and is perfect for small gardens and mass plantings. It packs a lot of flower power into a small space. The good thing is that they are also included as the easiest ones to care for.

There are some key steps that you need to know to take care of Little Lime Hydrangea, such as:

  • Plant it in a wide hole as deep as the soil in the pot.
  • Use the organic mulch.
  • Keep the mulch 6” from the stems at every time.
  • Water it well during the growing season to moisten the soil.
  • When you observe, remove any dead, damaged, or diseased stems.
  • Deadhead the flowers if they are not good or after the first frost.
  • Cut the Little Lime in late winter or early spring.
  • Add an organic fertilizer in early spring.

How do you take care the Little Lime Hydrangea?

Taking care of Little Lime Hydrangea includes deep watering, mulching, removing dead flowers, and light pruning. If you compared to the other variations of Hydrangeas, maintenance of this is relatively easy. due to their small size, they produce quite a few flowers.

Little lime hydrangea (dwarf)

Little Lime Hydrangea tolerates the cold temperatures, drought, and disease. Just like the other hardy hydrangeas, Little Lime Hydrangea can live in the cold down to zone 3 and can grow well in zones 3-8.

Then, what about the sunlight? Can Little Lime Hydrangea tolerate the full sun? Little Lime Hydrangea shrubs are fine with the sunlight and they are also good with full either full sun or partial sun. They do not like shade. The best thing is filtered sun to full sun.

When it comes to the soil, Little Lime Hydrangea like the moist soil environment throughout the growing season. They do not appreciate soil that is absolutely saturated with water, but they love moist soil better compared to the dry one. In order to remain the moisture of the soil steady all summer, you can use a drip irrigation line. Another alternative is to hand water regularly to maintain soil moisture. Please do it at least once a week.

How to plant the Little Lime flowering Hydrangea shrubs?

The process of taking care of the Little Lime Hydrangea starts by planting the shrub properly. First of all, you can dig a wide hole for the shrub. The size can be twice as wide as the pot the shrub is sold in. remember to not dig the hole to deep. It should be less deeper than the soil in the plant pot. You will need to make the soil around the base of the shrub the same level as the surrounding ground after the plant has been planted.

the little lime flowering hydrangea shrubs

The main key of planting the Little Lime Hydrangeas is mulch. The organic mulch is so good at keeping the moisture of the soil. The roots of the shrub love steady and consistent moisture throughout the growing season. You will be helped by the mulch in keeping the heat from the sun and also drying the cold winds.

What should you do to mulch Little Lime Hydrangea shrubs?

The most recommended one is to mulch with homemade organic compost or a high quality landscape mulch made from plant material. When you add the mulch, do not forget to not make the mulch touching the base of any shrub. Please avoid placing the mulch within 6” of the woody stem base. It does not need too much time for the plant to will in the area. There is nothing to worry about the right around the base that is un-mulched because it does not need to be covered with mulch.

If the mulch touches the base, the environment will be cozy and moist. This kind of place is loved by harmful micro organisms. The stems have developed to thrive thanks to the good air flow and the moist and trapped air do not have anything to do with it. You will have to keep the mulch 6” from the stems of the plant as it grows. Another thing that you need to do is to pull back any mulch that makes its way to the base of the plant regularly.

How do you prune Little Lime Hydrangea?

The thing called Little Lame Hydrangeas need minimal pruning. As stated earlier, they are bred to be compact and are generally growing to a size of 3-5 feet tall by 3-5 feet wide. For the first 2-3 years, there is no need to prune. The shrubs are usually rounded and pruning might not be needed if the location of the plant is where they are able to grow to their full mature size.

The best time to prune the Little lime Hydrangea is in the late winter or in early spring. It will survive when it is being cut back to the ground. However, people mostly love to reduce the length of the stems before the growing season arrives to make the strong stems and lots of blooms. You are recommended to cut each stem of the plant to 1-3 feet at the beginning of the growing season. When you observe them, do not forget to remove any dead, damaged, or diseased steams. The key part of the Little Lime Hydrangea care is removing the bad things in a right time.

When and how do you fertilize Little Lime Hydrangeas?

The best time to add the fertilizer to the Little Lime Hydrangea is in early spring. Please apply the organic one to the surrounding soil in the early spring as the plant is coming out of dormancy. Actually, an all-purpose one is great for this plant. In some places, it might be needed to give something in the mid summer. Keep in mind that the pH of the fertilizer does not change the color of the colors.


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