Beautiful Rare Purple Black Sunflower Seeds

Coming in vivid-matte colors, it totally makes this rare purple black sunflower seed much sought after by a lot of people around the world. It’s enough to prove that the sunflowers do not only come in yellow, however, there are about 50 verieties of sunflowers existing in the Heliathus genus.

One of the sunflower varieties which amazes many people around the world is purple black sunflowers. Do you probably wonder how the purple black sunflower looks and how to grow it? If you’re so curious, let’s find out the facts about it below!

Purple black sunflower

Rare Purple Black Sunflowers Seeds Overview

The purple sunflower seeds are commonly named Chianti Hybrid. These petals have deep, dark reds that some classify as purple. These kinds of sunflowers are able to grow to five feet which have no pollen, making it good for cutting. The purple black sunflowers can also help balance color in mixed bouquets.

The purple black sunflower seeds are easy to grow. These have a rare beautiful color which is so gorgeous as an ornamental plant in your garden. This kind of sunflower is suitable to grow during summer. You can easily grow it outdoors, especially in your garden, park and your house yard.

Hot to Grow Purple Black Sunflowers?

Just like other varieties of sunflowers, the purple black sunflower seeds are grown from seed sown directly in the garden after frost. You can easily sow the seeds in average soil in full sun after all danger of frost.

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When you are choosing a spot to grow the purple black sunflowers, you should consider that the sunflowers really need well-drained soil. They will confront the sun, so ensure that the seeds are in an open area of the garden. The taller varieties of the purple sunflowers will cast shadows on other plants, so you’re able to plant those at the north end of your garden.

Once you choose the right spot to grow the purple black sunflowers, you need to prepare the soil and remove some weeds and work organic matter into the top 6-8 inches of soil, then leveling and smoothing the soil is a must for you.

In fact, whatever the plants you are growing, they will respond well to soil amended with organic matter. In case you’re growing the sunflowers, compost is such an adorable form of organic matter with a good balance of the nutrients with an ideal pH level. Well, you can add the compost to your planting area at any time you want. So as when you’re growing the purple black sunflower seeds, you totally have to add compost to the sunflower spots.

Otherwise, if the compost is not available in your planting area, you can cover the soil after planting with 1-2 inches of organic mulch which will begin to break down into compost. After the growing season, a soil test is able to indicate what soil amendments are needed for the following season.

To grow the purple black sunflower seeds, do some following ways below!

Step 1: Sow the Purple Black Sunflower Seeds

You can simply sow seeds ½ inch deep in groups of 2 or 3 seeds. Here, you need to give the space the groups about 18-24 inches apart depending on the varieties that you are growing. Generally, to grow the purple black sunflower seeds, you can plant the seeds 1 to 2 inches deep and 6 inches apart in the spring once the threat of frost in your area which has passed and the soil temperatures reach 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you sow the seeds, you can then firm soil lightly, water and keep evenly moist. Well, the seeds will emerge in 7-10 days.

Step 2: Control the Weeds

The Weeds

If the seeds are getting two sets of leaves, of course the thin becomes one plant per group. Here, it’s a good time for you to control the weeds during the growing season. In this case,  weeds will be competing with plants for water, space and also the sunflower nutrients, so controlling them by either using a mulch and cultivating to prevent their seeds from germinating is a must-do for you.

In this casem mulches will also help retain soil moisture and also maintain even the soil temperatures. Furthermore, for annuals an organic mulch or shredded leaves will lend a natural look to the bed. They will also improve the soil as it breaks down in time. So make sure to always keep mulches off a plant’s stems to prevent possible rot.

Step 3: Keep the Soil Moist, Not Wet

Need to know that the established sunflowers can really tolerate drought. Besides, you do not need to give fertilizer to the soil unless it’s so poor. Please, don’t over give fertilizer. For more information, some varieties of sunflowers only produce one bloom so the bloom is spent and the plant may be removed.

Step 4: Control for Pets and Disease

If needed, you can also check with your local Cooperative Extension Service for pets controls which are recommended in your area. Here, you also need to remove plants after they are fallen by frost in fall to prevent disease issues the following year.

Well, those are all the ways that you have to do to grow the purple blck sunflower seeds.

Harvesting Time for Purple Black Sunflowers!

Rare Purple Black Sunflowers Seeds

The harvesting time is a really awaited moment for sunflowers planters. However, there is some satisfaction in harvesting sunflowers. The edible sunflowers will mature in about 3 months or more after sowing. To harvest the seeds, you have to cut the heads off after the stalks are quite dry but before fall or winter rains come.

Before harvesting the purple black sunflowers, you need to check the flowers heads for maturity to see if the back of the flower head is turning yellow or the head is starting to droop and also the forest in the center of the flower disk has shriveled.

If you feel that the purple black sunflowers are mature, you can then cut the flower-heads with a foot of stalk attached. Then, hang the heads in a warm, dry so that the seeds will fully ripen and dry.

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