Where to Buy Purple Sunflower Seeds for Planting

As a beautiful vivid variety, the purple sunflowers have become many planters’ favorites. However, this purple sunflower is a rare sunflower variety which is really reliable to plant in your area during summer. This sunflower variety will show the beauty of a sunflower plant.

Of course, you may want to buy the seeds for planting in your garden or yard. In fact, you can really get the sunflower seeds from the grocery store in your area but not all stores nearby will have the superior purple sunflower seed varieties. To get excellent purple sunflower seeds, the only way you have to do is to look for the trusted grocery stores either online or offline.

Purple Sunflower

Thankfully, this post will give you some recommended online grocery stores that provide the prime and top purple sunflower seeds. Here you go!

Purple Sunflower Seeds
Purple Sunflower Seeds

Top 4 Purple Sunflowers Seeds Stores

Here’s a list of best stores that you can visit to buy the purple sunflowers seeds:

1. Burpee

Burpee is one of the online grocery stores which provides the prime sunflower varieties. You can also get the purple sunflower seeds namely ‘Chianty Hybrid’. As we know that the purple sunflowers are well-known as the ‘hybrid’ sunflowers. This sunflower comes in wine-red velvet petals with the multiple branches and the purple-stemmed.

If you really want to get the purple sunflowers for planting, we think that Burpee is the best place for you to visit. Burpee offers the purple sunflowers at a price $5,95 for 1 pack (50 seeds). That’s such an affordable price to get the gorgeous purple sunflowers, isn’t it?

From the page of Burpee, you can also get the guides for planting of purple sunflower seeds clearly. Here’s for the product details of the purple sunflowers from Burpee:

    • Type: Garden
    • Sun: Full Sun
    • Height: 48-60 inches
    • Spread: 18-22 inches
    • Ornamental Use: Borders, Cut Flowers
    • Life Cycle: Annual
    • Sow Method: Direct Sow
    • Bloom Duration: 8 weeks
    • Flower color: Gold, Purple, Red

Get the purple sunflowers seeds from Burpee here. https://www.burpee.com/flowers/sunflowers/sunflower-chianti-hybrid-prod000385.html

2. Joom

The second recommended online grocery store is Joom.com. They also provide the rare purple sunflower seeds which are really feasible and worth planting in your garden and yard. However, the purple sunflowers really come for home garden ornament.

Well, to get the real purple sunflowers, you can simply visit the Joom.com page. They offer sunflowers by 100 pcs per pack. The purple sunflowers per pack costs $4, that’s so cheap price, isn’t it? For free shipping, it may take time for 15 – 45 days as this store comes from Latvia, a country in the Baltic region, Northern Europe.

Here’s for the product details of the purple sunflowers from Joom:

    • Product type: Seeds
    • Variety: Purple Sunflower
    • Climate: Temperate
    • Full-bloom Period: Summer
    • Function: Beautifying
    • Type 1: Temperate flower seeds
    • Type 2: Exotic seeds
    • Material: Seed
    • Color: Purple Sunflower
    • Quantity: 100 *Purple Sunflower Seeds
    • includes: 100 x Seeds per pack

Get the purple sunflower seeds from Joom here. https://www.joom.com/en/products/5e00164328fc71010162887b

3. Johnny Seeds

We also have the trusted online seeds store which has experienced over45 years in the Seeds. They actually have been helping families and many planters to get the best seeds for any plants. They absolutely focused on helping people to have a successful growing experience.

Before they sell the seeds, they maintain an on-site seed lab and the partner only with certified industry seed labs for germinations tests. They offer multiple seeds varieties including the certified organic seeds, Hybrid seeds, open-pollinated & Heirloom seeds, Enhanced seeds, Treated seeds (Actives), Film-Coated seeds, Pelleted seeds and Primed seeds.

Of course, you will also get the prime purple sunflowers from this store because they also test the seeds on the lab before selling them on the store. One of the purple sunflower varieties offered by Johnnyseeds is Sun-Fill Purple. This variety has the green petals, fading to purple. Fast-growing sunflowers will produce sturdy for about 3-4” geometric  flower heads that you can use for bouquet greenery.

They offer the seeds in a packet (50 seeds). The Sun Fill Purple costs $4.75 per pack. If you buy 250 seeds, it costs $9.85, that’s a very cheaper price to get a larger pack, isn’t it? The more seeds you buy the cheaper the price you will get.

From Johnny Seeds page, you can also get the growing information in detail, so you do not bother to look for the ways for planting anymore as you can get it from this page completely. Here’s for the product details of the purple sunflowers from Johnny Seeds:

    • LATIN NAME: Helianthus annuus
    • DAYS TO MATURITY: 50 – 55 Days
    • LIFE CYCLE: Annual
    • PLANT HEIGHT: Varies.
    • PLANT SPACING: 4-6″.
    • HARDINESS ZONES: Annual.

Get the purple sunflower seeds from Johnny Seeds here. https://www.johnnyseeds.com/flowers/sunflowers/tall-sunflowers/sun-fill-purple-f1-sunflower-seed-3396.html

4. Dobbies

If you really want to get the purple sunflower seeds, you can also visit dobbies.com page. They absolutely offer the purple sunflower (Berkheya Purpurea) variety. It is a shining beauty maker for a gorgeous border plant. With good-looking cobwebs draped over the leaves, those add more unique things to this sunflower plant.

Dobbies offers the purple sunflower in a packet. Every pack contains about 10 seeds which cost £2.99 per pack. They also show you the planting advice and how to deliver and refunds which are really important for online sellers.

Here’s for the product details of the purple sunflowers from Dobbies:

    • Plant Type: Herbaceous, Alpine
    • Hardiness: H3: Half Hardy – Mild Winter (-5C to 1C) and H4: Hardy – Average Winter (-10C to -5C)
    • Plant Height & Spread (at maturity): H 60cm x W 60cm (at maturity)
    • Pot Size: Seeds
    • Foliage Colour: Green
    • Flower Colour: Mauve
    • Fragrant Flower: No
    • Aromatic Foliage: No
    • Foliage Type: Deciduous
    • Soil Type: Any Garden Soil
    • Soil Drainage: Well Drained
    • Light Exposure: Full Sun
    • Planting Style: Alpine & Rockery
    • Season of Interest: Summer
    • Flowering (from – to): July – August
    • Sowing / Planting (from – to): February – June & September – October
    • Typically Available (from – to): January – December

Get the purple sunflower seeds from Dobbies here. https://www.dobbies.com/purple-sunflower-berkheya-purpurea-seeds-462999011

Well, those are Top 4 Sunflower Seeds Stores that you can visit to get the prime purple sunflower seeds. Get it right now!

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