How Fast Does Monstera Albo Grow?

Do you just plant or buy Monstera Albo? Then, you may wonder who fast it can grow. You want to see it grow well as you know that this plant is very expensive to buy. So, how fast does Monstera Albo grow? Let’s find out about it here and also some tips for you to be able to grow it well.

How Fast Monstera to Grow?

If you wonder how fast your Monstera can grow, the answer depends on its access to water and light because two of these things are important factors to make your Monstera grow well. If you grow it in ideal conditions where it gets bright indirect light and consistent watering, your Monstera plant can grow 1 to 2 feet per year.

Variegata monstera albo

It is important for you to know that the natural growth pattern of Monstera is to spread wide rather than reach tall. If you want to encourage your Monstera to grow vertically, you can try to stake it.

Tips to Make Monstera Grow Faster

If you want your Monstera to grow fast, there are some factors that you need to pay attention to. What are they? You are able to read the tips below.

Giving Your Monstera More Light

Monstera needs light to be able to make energy to grow. So, you have to make sure that your Monstera gets more light since it will be better. For having optimal growth, you are able to choose to put your plant in a south or west-facing window with a textured glass or a sheer curtain. If you want to put your Monstera to east-facing, you can do it with the occasional afternoon sunbathing outside.

Monstera plant

For your information, if your Monstera is a variegated Monstera, the white parts are easy to burn. So, you can put it in a west-facing room with some feet back from the window.

Watering Monstera Properly

You need to know that Monstera likes to be watered, but you do not do it very often. You are able to make a schedule for watering this plant. To know whether you give them water enough or not, you are able to probe the soil of your Monstera with a moisture probe. You can do it every week. If you find that the probe reads 2 or below, it means that you have to water it. If not, you have to wait for another week. If you want to do it every couple of days, you can do it.

Monstera properly

Water the bottom of your Monstera. You are able to soak it for some hours. If you find that the soil is not thoroughly wet, you can water the top as well. It is important particularly if you put your Monstera in a terracotta pot. You also have to permit all the excess water to drain water before you put it back in its home.

Increasing The Humidity Around Your Monstera

Monstera is good to live in normal room humidity which is about 40%. If you have a place to grow a big Monstera, then 40% of humidity will not be enough. Ideally, you will need about 65% humidity so that your Monstera will grow optimally. It may be able to grow quicker at 80% humidity but you will increase the possibility of roots to be rot and of course you do not want it to happen.

If you want to get your Monstera to be able to chuck out more leaves and your humidity is under 60%, it is better for you to get a humidifier. It is important for you to know that misting can spread disease and fungus and then the pebble trays will not work well.

Keeping The Monstera Clean

You have to keep your Monstera dust-free to convince your Monstera to put out more leaves. You can try to use amber spray bottles if you like functional decor. Then, you are able to add a teaspoon of neem oil to the spray bottle and then fill it almost to the top with water. If you want to use tap, it is fine. However, you need to know that filtered water will be a nice touch. You can add a drop of dish soap and then screw the lid on. After that, do not forget to shake it up.

You are able to add everything. However, if you add the dish soap after the water, it means that you will get more water in without getting bubbles  everywhere.

Now, you are able to spray your plant liberally. Then, you can wipe each leaf by using a cloth or kitchen towel. You can clean the dust beforehand by using a microfibre cloth if you want and then spray and wipe.

You may wonder why we have to use neem oil spray. It can deter pests and kill any that may be hanging around. The other pest control that you can apply is to keep spiders on your plants to eat bugs. If you are able to make them stay, it can work well.

Fertilising Your Monstera Properly

Even though fertilising is good for plants, but if you do it too often or we can call it over fertilising, it can do more harm. So, you have to make sure that you stick to using a gentle general goal monthly where it is diluted to half the strength that is recommended by the manufacturer.

You have to make sure that you always fertilise moist soil. So, you have to water, fertilise and then flush through with clean water. As an alternative, you are able to add worm castings to your potting mix. It is done to have a gentle and natural fertiliser.

Repotting Your Monstera

It is important to know that Monstera does not like to have a pot which is too big. However, they grow big root systems quickly. So, if you want to know whether your Monstera needs repotting, you have to check its roots.

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