Reason and Fixing Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow

Morning Glory plants are beautiful vines that come in all kinds of colors. But, sometimes Morning Glory plants an unsightly look and damage their health like yellowing leaves on Morning Glory plants, what are the causes? Keep reading this page to learn about reason and what to do when your Morning Glory leaves turning yellow.

Reasons Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow

Why do your Morning Glory leaves turn yellow? Need to know that Morning Glory leaves turning yellow can be caused by a few different things. For the most part, Morning glories are hardy plants that can grow in a variety of conditions. But, move it too far out of the plant’s comfort zone, and it will not be happy. Usually, this is evidenced by yellowing leaves.

Morning Glory Leaves

A likely cause of Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow is too much or too little water. Morning Glory plants thrive with about 1 inch of rainfall per week. If they go through a drought lasting longer than a week, then their leaves may begin to yellow. Please water your Morning Glory plants to 2.5 cm per week if rain is absent, and the leaves of Morning Glories should perk up. Similarly, too much water will be able to cause problems. As long as drainage is good, lots of rain alone should not be an issue. But, if water is allowed to stand around the plant, the roots could begin to rot, causing the Morning Glory leaves to yellow.

Aside from that, yellowing leaves on Morning Glory plants can be caused by over fertilization. Actually, Morning glories do not need fertilizer at all, but if you do use it, you have to apply it when the plants are young and starting to grow. Fertilizing a mature plant will be able to cause Morning Glory leaves turning yellow. Another possible cause of Morning Glory leaves turning yellow is sunlight. True to their name, Morning Glory plants bloom in the morning. You have to ensure that your Morning Glory plants receive at least 6 hours of sunlight per day, and that some of it is in the morning, or you may see yellowing leaves.

Natural Causes of Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow

Yellow leaves on Morning Glory plants are not necessarily an issue, and could just be a sign of the changing of the seasons. In places with cold winters, Morning Glory plants are typically treated as annuals. Most of morning glory yellow leaves cause byCool nighttime temperatures and frost. Sometimes its lifespan is almost up is a natural sign. Unless you bring your Morning Glory plant inside to overwinter.

When the Morning glory leaves turn yellow, generally it is a sign that something is not right with your plant. Insufficient sunlight can be a cause of yellowing leaves on your Morning glory plants, as Morning Glory plant need full sun to flourish. Move your Morning Glory plant to a sunnier place or trim any Morning Glory plants that are blocking the sun to fix this, you should transplant. Once again, another cause of Morning glory turn yellow is under watering or over watering. After your morning glory plants have been watered, you have to let the soil dry before re-watering. Morning Glory plants will do well in USDA plant hardiness zones 3-10, please ensure that you are in one of these zones for the best results.

Fixing Morning Glory Leaves Turning Yellow

A fungal disease that called rust is another culprit of yellowing leaves on Morning Glory plants. To diagnose whether your Morning Glory plants have rust or not, simply you are able to look closely at the Morning Glory leaves. There are going to be powdery pustules on the backside of the Morning Glory leaf. They cause the Morning Glory leaves to turn yellow. To prevent this problem, you do not overhead water your Morning Glory plants and eliminate any infected leaves. For Warning: Canker is a disease which causes the stem of the Morning Glories to be sunken-in and brown. Mostly this wilts will spreads onto the stem. This is a fungus that, if not taken care of, will be able to affect the whole Morning Glory plants. If you think that your Morning Glory plants have this fungus, so you have to cut away the infected vine and dispose of it.

Morning Glory Pests Issues

Morning Glories can be infested with some pests including the cotton aphid, leafcutter and the leaf miner. Typically, the cotton aphid attack the Morning Glory plants in the morning. The color of this cotton aphid insect is yellow to black. You will be able to find them in masses on your leaves of Morning Glories. The leaf miners do that, it mines or bores the holes into the Morning Glory leaves. The leafcutter cut off the stalks of the Morning Glory leaves and causes them to wilt. Generally, this pest do his damage at night. The nice way to rid your Morning Glory plants of those pests is by using an organic pest control. Keep your Morning Glory plant as healthy as possible.

About Morning Glory plants

in many landscapes you can find Morning Glory plants. You are able to find them in any number of types within the Calystegia, Ipomoea, Merremia, Convolvulus, and Rivea genera. These Morning Glory plants will be able to become beauty additions to your garden if you kept them well. Usually, all Morning Glory plants will produce funnel-shaped blossoms that atrractive with heart-shaped leaves. For your information, Morning Glory plants bloom from May to September, opening in the morning and then closing in the afternoon.

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