8 Grow Tips of Chrysanthemum Flowers in Hot Areas

Chrysanthemum flowers are also called mums. Chrysanthemum is a type of flower that is suitable for planting in areas where the air temperature tends to be warm. That doesn’t mean that chrysanthemums can’t thrive in hot areas. You just need to know how to care for chrysanthemums in hot areas.

The Origin of the Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum plants come from China and Japan. This plant spread to Europe and France in 1795. Chrysanthemum plants began to get into any other country like Indonesia in the 17th century. Since 1940, chrysanthemums have been developed commercially.

Chrysanthemum Flowers in Hot Areas

Chrysanthemum Flower Morphology

Chrysanthemum flowers have various shapes and colors. Chrysanthemum flowers have two types below:

  1. Standard type

Chrysanthemum with standard type cultivars has long and sturdy stems and beautiful bigger flowers. Where this type are desired as cut flower and part of flower arrangements

  1. Spray type

This type of spray chrysanthemums attract a wide range of pollinating insects to the garden due to being opened centred and have a few rows of florets/petals only.

Benefits of Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemum flowers are usually grown as ornamental plants or cut flowers. This flower has beautiful and varied flower colors. In addition to the beauty of the color of the flowers, this flower has many health benefits.

Chrysanthemum flowers can be used to treat heart health, protect against bacterial infections, protect the eyes and ears, improve brain function, balance cholesterol levels, and detoxify toxins in the liver.

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How to Care for Chrysanthemums in Hot Areas

Chrysanthemum flowers do come from cool and cold areas. Therefore, this flower will easily wither in areas that are too hot. However, this does not mean that you should give up on cultivating chrysanthemums. There are several ways to care for chrysanthemums in hot areas that you need to pay attention to, which are as follows:

  1. Prepare a shade or a shady place

Chrysanthemum plants like full sun, but in very hot lowlands chrysanthemums will wither and grow poorly. You need to adjust the environmental conditions with the plants. If it gets too hot, you can move the potted chrysanthemum to a more shady area or in the shade.

Chrysanthemum plants are included in the type of plants that can be grown in pots, so you can plant chrysanthemums in pots so you can move them easily. Chrysanthemum plants can grow well in a greenhouse up to a temperature of 34-36 degrees Celsius.

  1. Keep the chrysanthemum under the light every night

Chrysanthemum flowers are included in sub-tropical flowers, so they are more ideal to be planted in the highlands or those with temperatures of 21-25 degrees Celsius. However, this plant can still be grown in hot areas with high temperatures although there will be some drawbacks. The disadvantages are the color of the flowers is faded, the plants are shorter, and the plant life is short.

Keeping chrysanthemums under the light every night can make the chrysanthemum plant taller. The distance between the lamp and the chrysanthemum plant is a maximum of 2 meters. Measurement of light received by chrysanthemum plants can use a luxmeter. The ideal value that will be shown by the tool is 70 lux.

When the posture of the plant is as desired, then the chrysanthemum plant is stored in a place that is not exposed to light at night. So that the chrysanthemum plants flower quickly or enter the generative phase.

  1. Select of planting media that retains more water

When you buy chrysanthemum plants, sellers usually only use roasted husks as a growing medium. Transfer the purchased chrysanthemums to a larger pot and add another medium that is more water resistant.

Hot air temperatures can accelerate the evaporation of water, so choose a planting medium that retains more water, such as compost.

  1. Regular watering

Watering chrysanthemum plants should be done every morning. You only need to water the roots and stems and avoid watering the leaves. Watering can be done manually or by using a sprayer.

  1. Fertilization

Fertilization needs to be done regularly. You are better off using a fertilizer made from organic ingredients. So that the planting media is not contaminated with chemicals.

  1. Application of pinching and disbudding techniques

For ornamental plants lover, pinching and disbudding techniques may be familiar. The pinching technique is a technique of cutting or removing shoots that generally grow on plants at the beginning of planting.

The disbudding technique is a cutting technique by removing unwanted flower parts to obtain the perfect and desired shape.

This is an explanation of how to care for chrysanthemums in hot areas. How to plant chrysanthemums properly can help your chrysanthemums continue to thrive and bloom even though they are planted in hot areas. You can try to apply it to the chrysanthemum plants that you cultivate.

  1. Flower Care to be Free from Pests and Weeds

These weeds, if left unchecked, will hinder the growth of chrysanthemums, as a result of the nutrients that should be used for chrysanthemums are actually stolen by these unwanted plants. Weeding should be done as soon as weeds are seen starting to grow in the chrysanthemum pot.

Likewise with pests. Usually pests that attack chrysanthemums are ground caterpillars, red mites, tools for pulling leaves and trimps. Cleaning the caterpillar pests can be done manually, by taking and collecting them only after that they are burned to death.

For pests such as red mites, it can be eradicated by spraying insecticides. Make sure the dose is not excessive so that it does not adversely affect the growth of chrysanthemum plants.

  1. Keep away from the light

As has been written in the second point, the last thing how to care for chrysanthemums on this one may sound unusual. In fact, to get beautiful and charming flowers, the thing should not be missed is to keep it out of the light.

Chrysanthemums only need a short time of sun, and at night they need dark areas. So when night falls, keep the chrysanthemum flowers away from the room where the light shines. You can put chrysanthemums on the terrace of the house in the shade during the day. You can do this technique when the height of the chrysanthemums is ideal to get perfect blooms.

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