Chrysanthemum Lifespan: How Long Do Mums Live and Last?

Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower for you to have. In autumn, the question often arises of how long do chrysanthemums last? However, if we talk about the age of chrysanthemums, it can vary greatly and is influenced by several factors. To find out about the age of chrysanthemums, you can continue reading this entire article.

Chrysanthemum flowers or better known as mums have many varieties and divided into two different categories namely floral and garden. These two varieties can be propagated for different purposes, including different lifespan. However, mostly chrysanthemums will bloom for 4 to 8 weeks.

Chrysanthemum Lifespan

Well, chrysanthemums are usually planted in the spring and its depending on your zone, they usually range from late summer to early winter. In zones 5 through 9 with plenty of time to remove, garden chrysanthemums can live for three to four years. Chrysanthemum flowers rarely survive the winter.

There are many ways to prolong the flowering of chrysanthemums to produce more in a longer period of time, namely:

  • Deadheading,
  • Fertilizing in spring and
  • Avoid overcrowding in chrysanthemums

Tips to Help Chrysanthemums to Grow Well

  • Start planting your garden mums in the spring.
  • Plant them in a place that receives full sun.
  • To make flowering denser, fuller then prune your plant throughout the season, it also supports plant growth more energy to the roots.
  • Water regularly until the first frost.

Chrysanthemums are only three to four years old and while they can last much longer than that, they will be more susceptible to winter damage each year. Chrysanthemum usually does not bloom twice. They grow throughout the spring and summer, then produce new sprouts in late summer and fall.

How to Keep Chrysanthemums Blooming?

Protect mums from direct sunlight whether mums are usually plants in full sun, but sunlight will make their blooms more vibrant. To prolong blooms, keep the plant in indirect light, not direct full sun. Protect your mums from the rain, and water carefully without splashing leaves or flowers.

To stimulate the growth of chrysanthemums, you can do the following tips! Basically, these are tips to make your chrysanthemum plant more in producing flowers.

3 Bases of Chrysanthemums Care

  • Maintain optimal temperature conditions;
  • The appropriate level of lighting indoors;
  • Regular and sufficient watering

The Ideal Chrysanthemum Care and Room Temperature

  • -+ 3-8° in winter
  • -+ 20-23 ° in summer
  • -+ 15-18 ° in the autumn-spring period.

Indoor Light Chrysanthemum Needs

Place the pot in a fairly cool place, for example on a balcony with appropriate lighting. Vases with flowers are ideally placed on the windowsill on the west or east side. Because from the south – the plant can wither from overheating and sunlight and in the north – thermophilic chrysanthemums will not bloom.

Chrysanthemum Watering

 Watering time is determined by how the topsoil dries in the pot. Regular spraying, installing a special humidifier or simply a container filled with water next to the flowers will help maintain a normal level of humidity. Fill flowers with water is not recommended. Also, you don’t need to pour the liquid directly into the pot.

Chrysanthemum Winter Storage

Chrysanthemum flowers need rest before the next growth phase in winter. Flower growers must follow these few simple rules. Depending on where they will be in winter so that chrysanthemums can retain their decorative qualities for a long time, After flowering, it is better to prune the bushes, leaving a maximum length of 15 cm and place them in a cool room for the winter. The main thing is to have a sufficient amount of light and a comfortable temperature for the flower (about 5-8 °). And water them only 1 time per month.

Chrysanthemum Care and Storage Indoors

 You can leave it on the windowsill, otherwise it is impossible to take it to a cooler place. But in this case, flowers should also be cut, dry leaves, shoots and branches should be removed.

Putting Chrysanthemums in the Basement for the Winter

In winter, putting them in a dry basement is a good idea. With this method of storage, you need to perform the same actions as in the previous two cases: by leaving 10-15 cm of the flower’s length, and removing all dry parts.

Do Chrysanthemums Die Easily?

 You can find chrysanthemums anywhere from nurseries to supermarkets. Or else you can simply click this where to buy chrysanthemum near me online to get any information about store that provide chrysanthemum. However, they die very easily once you take them home. Need to be watered at least once a day as they dry out easily.

How to Avoid Killing Your Chrysanthemums?

If you buy chrysanthemums available in supermarkets or other stores, be careful because they are often submerged in water. This will usually stress the plant out and be more likely to die when you bring it home. These are tips to avoid this issue?

  • Choose a strong mums
  • Repot upon purchase them
  • Give them full of sun (minimum 4hours a day) because mums are sun-lovers
  • Water them but not too much, although they do not like soil to get dry. Keep the soil moist.
  • And deadhead the chrysanthemums, this technique allows the mums to survive longer and possibly bloom again.

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