Snake Plant for Sale Online Near Me

For those who are looking for an easy to grow houseplant, you are able to choose snake plant. These snake plants are perfect for home, apartment or office. This mother-in-law’s tounge plant grow thrive in low light area. By the way, where to buy snake plant? To get that information, you are able to read this entire article now.

Snake Plants for Sale 

We are going to inform you one of places where you can buy snake plant. Now, you are able to visit the official site of gardengoodsdirect, or simply click this link: There you will be able to find lots of plants including snake plants.

Snake plants for sale

Here is a list of Snake Plants for sale:

Laurentii Snake Plants ($30.95 – $74.95)

Laurentii snake plant

Snake Plant Laurentii is a very low-maintenance plant. It features stiff, glossy, vertical, striped foliage in different shades of green. Aside from that, there is a bold yellow stripe which lines the edge of each leaf. This low-light houseplant is drought-tolerant and also well known for its air-purifying properties.

Zeylanica Snake Plants ($17.95 – 59.95)

Zeylanica snake plant

Snake Plant Zeylanica Plants is a low light, drought-tolerant houseplant with variegated silver foliage which has been found to clean the indoor air of toxins. It is very easy to grow and nearly impossible to kill. You will love how easy Snake Plant Zeylanica Plants are to care for.

Whale Fin Snake Plants ($48.95)

Whale fin snake plant

you know whale if is one of rare variation of the normal snake plant which looks so adorable. It has a unique shape and style which is extremely low-maintenance. No wonder that its name derives from the plant’s tall, wide whale fin shaped foliage. These Snake Plant Whale Fin plants are drought-tolerant. They grow in low and fluorescent light, making it a good office plant. Basically, this plant is hard to kill, that makes it a great choice for plant newbies.

Black Coral Snake Plants ($30.95 – $62.95)

Black coral snake plant

Black coral has dark green and silver striped which drought-toleranted and grow well in low light. Based on the research, NASA studies have found them to be excellent at cleaning the air of toxins. They are able to clean the air at night and also add oxygen to the air making them perfect as the bedroom plants. Aside from that, they are easy to grow and impossible to kill.

Moonshine Snake Plants ($39.95)

Moonshine snake plant

Moonshine snake plants have sword shaped leaves, create a modern architectural feel to the home or office. This Moonshine snake plant is low-maintenance, drought-tolerant, and also known for its air-purifying abilities. Of course, this is a good plant for the beginners.

Cylindrical Snake Plants ($34.95 – $44.95)

Cylindrical snake plant

Cylindrical Snake Plants look like no other plant you will see. They have round stalks which are really architectural. Cylindrical Snake Plants blend well with modern interior designs. They are excellent at cleaning indoor air.

Starfish Snake Plants ($39.95)

Starfish snake plant

Starfish Snake Plants has silvery green foliage which reaches a maximum of about 10 inches. Its growth is near vertical without branching. New Starfish snake plant will show in the same container as the mother plant. They are sent out on runners underground. These new plants are able to be dug up and divided to yield new small pups which can be planted in their own container. Snake Plants are really slow growing, and also handle low light conditions.

Fernwood Mikado Snake Plants ($29.95)

Fernwood mikado snake plant

Snake Plant Fernwood Mikado is a beautiful houseplant which is very low maintenance. These Fernwood Mikado snake plants are able to withstand droughts and fluorescent light without a second thought. There are some different colors and varieties, so there is a snake plant which appeals to everyone. The Snake plants are very excellent in corners or areas with limited space requirements, because they are almost vertical with little to no horizontal branches or growth. The new plants appear from roots which are sent underground and appear as new sprouts in the same pot as the original. These plants are known for their sharp architectural shape, and also have the added benefit of cleaning air indoors.

Whitney Snake Plants ($36.95)

Whitney snake plant

Whitney Snake Plants have shiny dark green succulent foliage. The form is beautifully small, compact and unusual in that the leaves are verigated on the insidevariegated. The Sansevieria easily adapt to different light levels. The green-black coloring of Whitney Snake Plants will be able to intensify in shade and become a vibrant, lustrous green with more light.

Night Owl Snake Plant Sanseveria ($22.95 – $36.95)

Night owl snake plant

Sansevieria Night Owl snake plants have shiny, dark green succulent foliage with creamy whitish-yellow margins. This snake plants form is beautifully small and compact. Also, it is unusual in that the leaves are un-variegated. The real living sculpture for a shelf or small table.  Sansevieria Night Owl snake plants can adapt to different light levels easily including low light.

Jaboa Snake Plants ($34.95 – $99.95)

Jaboa snake plant

Jaboa Snake Plant is nearly indestructible and suitable for people who like separate modern forms. Also, these plants are the air-purifying plant. They are able to improve the humidity so that creating a healthy atmosphere for body and soul. The dark green can foliage absorbs any available light, making this plant a perfect low-light houseplant for your home, apartment or office.

Snake Plant Frozen ($34.95)

As same as black coral snake plant, frozen snake plant also thrive in low area also drought-tolerant and good for cleans the air from toxins. Similar with the Snake Plant Black Coral, it has deep green and light green variegation except with a shorter height. Also, it is known as an impossible plant to kill. Snake Plant Frozen will grow in low light areas.

Guineensis Snake Plants ($34.95)

Guineensis Snake Plants are a beautiful snake plant with its unusual color pattern. The plant has yellow leaves with a green stripe down the middle of the leaf. This Snake Plant Guineensis prefers low light. They are able to take about any humidity level. These plants are the air-purifying plant. They are impossible to kill.

Black Gold Snake Plants ($34.95 – $79.95)

Black gold snake plant

Black Gold Snake Plants tolerates the low light conditions. It is a drought-tolerant house plant with dark green foliage which is edged in gold. NASA  said that it as a clean-air plant.

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