Behind The Meaning of Chrysanthemum. Don’t Choose it Wrong!

Cryshantemum is one of the most favorite flowers by many people. The flowers are not only beautiful, but also its superior to various colors that make it look more lively where these flowers are placed. Then, another plus is because chrysanthemum flowers have a distinctive soft aroma so they are added to tea, to make the tea taste more delicious and fragrant.

Chrysanthemum flower is a flowering plant from the Asteraceae which consists of 2 types, namely spray chrysanthemum and standard chrysanthemum. Spray chrysanthemum is a chrysanthemum consisting of 10-20 small flowers on one stalk. While standard chrysanthemums are chrysanthemums that have only one flower on one stalk, but with large flower sizes. Spray chrysanthemums are widely used as ornamental flower plants that are planted in the yard or in pots. While the standard type is often relied on as cut flowers.

The Meaning of Chrysanthemum

The beauty of chrysanthemum flowers has attracted a lot of attention from big countries such as Japan, France, England, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Because of its beauty, after roses, chrysanthemums are in second place. Making this flower so famous as one of the cut flowers whose demand is always increasing from year to year. It turns out that not many people know that this beautiful flower actually has benefits. One of them as a fungicide and vegetable insecticide. The flower hump has a pyrethrin compound, a compound that produces toxins and is repelling and killing mosquitoes and other insects.

Symbolism of Chrysanthemum

Confucius regarded chrysanthemums as objects of meditation. In Japan, the process of blooming flower petals is believed to reflect perfection. In 400 AD, Buddhist monks brought this flower to Japan. Because of his admiration for the chrysanthemum, the throne often failed with this flower.

Japan still celebrates the chrysanthemum as a symbol of royalty and honor during the Festival of Happiness, a festival to celebrate this dazzling flower. This flower is believed to help someone live longer. Just by placing a single chrysanthemum in a wine glass, it will guarantee your healthy and long life.

In addition, this flower is symbolized as the sun in the land of cherry blossoms.

In China, the chrysanthemum has the highest position, which is a symbol of nobility.

In Chicago, this flower is popular as a symbol of cheerfulness, so many cities take the chrysanthemum as the official flower

Although happy chrysanthemums often appear at events such as weddings and birthdays, in some European countries such as Belgium and Austria, chrysanthemums actually signify death and are used at funerals.

Chrysanthemum meaning

Talking about the meaning and significance of flowers, chrysanthemums also have their own character. Over the years, the chrysanthemum has been symbolized as both admiration and praise. The chrysanthemum is thought to be a flower noble of the Chinese aristocratic class.

the General Meaning of Chrysanthemum

The meaning of the chrysanthemum flower itself is honesty, cheerfulness, affection, friendship and secrets.

Each country or region has different beliefs in interpreting chrysanthemum flowers. Because it comes with a variety of colors, chrysanthemums have different meanings in each color that can be used as a medium to express feelings. Here’s the list:

  • Red chrysanthemum, can express feelings of love for your lover. Red chrysanthemums are associated with love, so these flowers would be perfect when you want to send a message of love.
  • Yellow chrysanthemum, considered a symbol of optimism and love. But some also interpret that yellow chrysanthemum has the meaning of questionable love. It can mean unrequited love. So if you are given yellow chrysanthemums by your lover, his love needs to be watched out for. Is his love really for you or for someone else.
  • Silver chrysanthemum, expressing affection for friends.
  • Purple chrysanthemum, means a strong spirit for a healthy life.
  • White chrysanthemum, means honesty and loyalty. If your lover gives you white chrysanthemums, it means that he really trusts you. Give white chrysanthemums to your partner to let them know that your love is pure and that you will always be faithful.

When viewed from the number of stalks, chrysanthemum flowers also have their own meaning. Let’s see!

  • One stalk, means My love is only for you.
  • 12 stalks, means two hearts fused.
  • 13 stalks, representing the phrase “I am your secret admirer”
  • 24 stalks which means “I see you all day for 24 hours”.

In China, chrysanthemums are used for medicinal purposes and are thought to provide life energy and vitality.

The color of chrysanthemum can signify emotions. Send these flowers when you want to send a message of joy, loyalty and longevity.

Well, that’s a review of the chrysanthemum flower meaning and meaning that represents it. Each beautiful flower does have its own meaning and significance. For flower lovers, you should know the meaning of your favorite flower. Especially if you want to give flowers to your loved ones. So knowledge about the meaning of flowers is needed. Or else, it can be a problem if you give the wrong flower due to not conveyed and misunderstanding can occur.

You can grow your own chrysanthemum at home. Follow these few easy steps!

  • Pay attention to environmental conditions suitable for growth
  • Determine the type of chrysanthemum to be planted
  • Choose the Right Planting Time
  • Prepare Suitable Planting Pots
  • Use the Right Planting Media
  • Perform Media Composition Comparison
  • Dig a Hole
  • Move plants that have sprouted to larger pots
  • Do watering regularly
  • Adequate intake of sunlight
  • Provide fertilizer nutrient intake regularly

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Propagation of Chrysanthemums

Plant propagation can be done by cutting stems, roots, and leaves.

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