Devil’s Ivy for Toxic Air Purifying

Devil’s ivy well known as Money plant is a plant that very easy to cultivated, for those of you who don’t really like plant that need complicated care, it can be your right choice and adding collection of your houseplant.

From aesthetics point of view, it looks so beautiful due to heart shaped leaves with green and bright yellow. This plant is easy to grow, you can grow them in the water or pot with planting media that has fertilizer earlier. It can climb around the tree if u planted in the yard or as hanging plant.

Devil’s Ivy

In my opinion devil’s ivy is special beside of simple care, it can purifies the air and keeping it fresh because this plant has ability to absorb carbon dioxide to be oxigen even if u store indoor or outdoor, so helpul right? And the beauty of it can make you rilex and enjoy your time at home.

Devil’s Ivy Plant

Unfortunately, if you do have kids and pets in your home, Money plant should keep away from them due to has toxic and dangerous if its eaten althought this is rare thing to happen.

I wish this helps. Happy Planting!

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