Well Maintance of Strawberry as Houseplant

Is there anyone who doesn’t like plants that can produce the fruit beside that the beauty of their appearance but most plants that can produce fruit require a large area because usually they need more space to grow. But there is one plant that you can keep at home by using a pot which suitable of these plant needs, one of them is strawberry.

The strawberry came from America which is known as Uncle Sam’s country. From the shape and appearance of this fruit that looks very cute, beautiful, and very seductive makes many people in love and due to that it is also called the fruit of love. They can grow well especially in a place where the air is cool. The area temperature needed is around 59°F.

Strawberry Plant

Treatments you can do to grow strawberry as houseplant are

Use a pot that is suitable, preferably a tall one, for example with height 8 inches of pot size because this plant reproduces runners through creeping stems, so if you use a pot with a low size so the creeping stems will dangle down and rot, unless you put the pot on top of soil. If you want to plant it at home as houseplant, it’s best to put the pots side by side to each other especially for strawberries so that when it starts to grow new stems or runners you can cultivate on another potting soil, don’t get confused, check the picture below.

Strawberry Runner

Now for the watering technique, you can do it twice a day, in morning for photosynthesis needed and in the evening so that water will take time to absorb until the next morning and so that soil moisture is maintained.

Prepare to use good soil that has been given fertilizer earlier first. It’s good to use natural fertilizers such as goat manure or it could be a soil mix with raw rice husks or roasted rice husks. Well, because later if the fruit will be consumed, avoid chemical fertilizers for another option you can use water with the MSG mixture, or rice rinse water and also if you are going to cook beef, you can use the rinse water of beef. These are all safer for growth of strawberries when they have fruit later.

This strawberry fruit has red colour when it’s riped and otherwise it tends to be stay greenish white with black spots on the surface. This fruit is rich with vitamins like vitamin C which is proven to keep our imune, antioxidants from a long time ago and also included to a high fiber fruit. So it’s unsurprisingly that besides being able to add to your plant collection at home, it also produces fresh fruit that gives us lot of benefits.

Hope this helps and happy planting!

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