Iris Annual or Perennial Flower?

Having flowers while it’s bloom is what everyone likes, if it happens regularly it will be amazing. One of the beautiful flower is Iris flower that is strong and rarely affected by pests that cause them to die or affect their growth.

Even so, before you plant Irises, it’s good to know their character first, is Iris an annual plant or a perennial?


What is an annual plant?

An annual plant is a plant that is cultivated and can live only one season in a year, in a tropical climate they can grow anywhere, planted in pots, yards, on the edge of the house as well, and in the garden. However, in subtropical areas, annual plants can only grow in spring. After flowers with a annual type plant has bloomed, they will die after that, oneof example is Marigold.

What is a perennial plant?

Perennial plant is a plant that has a long life of its growth. Generally, the life growth of perennial plants will be more than one year, especially perennial plants will keep growing even after the flowers bloom or produce much seeds in the next season, one example is roses that you can plant as an option to decorate your garden.

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After knowing the differences between annual and perennial plants, the characteristics of the Iris are considered perennial plants because Irises can last a long time with good care. And Irises have tubers that can be used to survive in the winter.

1. Iris Sibirica

Iris sibirica is a plant that native to Turkey and eastern and central Europe. This species is known to be easy to cultivate because it has the ability to adapt well, especially in the season with a temperate climate.

2. Iris Louisiana

Iris louisiana is a type of Iris that will grow well in areas with hot climates but has a moist soil structure. But keep reminding that this Iris likes enough water for growth so that the flowers will bloom.

3. Iris Beardless

Iris beardless is a type of flower that can survive in a place with strong sunlight. This Iris is able to grow well at least with enough sun exposure for about 6 hours a day.

After knowing the types and characteristics of the Iris flowers above, you can add to the beauty of Iris to your the garden and ornamental Iris plants as an option.

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