How to Plant Roses Easily With Pictures

Roses are flowers that are always the center of attention for anyone who sees them especially when they are blooming. There is no doubt that they are so beautiful due to having a fragrant aroma, various and beautiful colors that has meaning its self and a unique stem filled with thorns. This flower is an annual flower or flower that is durable or long lasting, so many people also make it as decorative flower for home, office and garden decorations.

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This Rose can be cultivated by you both in the yard or in a pot. In fact, there are so many natural attractions that present the beauty of landscapes planted with various kinds of Roses.

Red Rose

There are several types of Roses that are very suitable for planting in pots because not all of Roses can grow well if they are not planted in large areas or in the yard of the house, here they are:

  • Rose ground cover type

This is a Rose that is suitable for planting as a border in your home, or on the side of a balcon with a long or small container because this type will grow low and will look beautiful.

  • Miniature Rose type

This is a type of Rose that has been cultivated to grow in small dipots.
So here are some ways to plant Roses in a container / pot:

Pink Rose

1. Selection of types of Roses

By choosing Rose flower to be planted properly, it will make it easier to grow according to your expectations.

2. Prepare the appropriate pot


Prepare a pot with a suitable size for the growth of this Rose flower. Better to use a pot with a height and diameter of about 16inches because the roots of the Rose will grow deeply or else such as the pot picture above. Make sure the pot / container used has good drainage holes or you can put some gravel to maximize water absorption.

Nowdays there are many kinds of pots sold in the market or at the plant shop, some are made from plastic and also from clay / pottery with various beautiful color choices. But do you know that there are some advantages and disadvantages of them both:

Plastic pots

Mostly people prefer to choose pot/container that made by plactic due to the price is affordable but do you know there are some points you need to know:

• Advantages

Has many color variants and beautiful shapes are also very simple. Easy to carry or move in terms of placement because usually plastic pots have a light weight.

• Disadvantages

Soil in a plastic pot will heat up easily because the system of absorbing sunlight through the media is fast where it is different from the soil in the garden.

Pot made from clay / earthenware

As same as pot which made by plactics, people also like earthenware due to how it looks, many variants etc. Both of them must be have some point too. what is it?

• Advantages

Seen from the nature of the soil is not easy to heat in the garden, then clay pots are slower to transfer heat from the sun light to the ground than plastic pots.

• Disadvantages

Because the material is made of clay, you could say that this pot will break easily and has heavy weight. If you use this it’s good to be careful.

3. Planting media

Plant Media

Prepare good soil such as soil that is porous but rich in humus or you can mix the soil with raw rice husks, manure and garden fertilizer in a ratio 1: 1: 1. The husk here serves to store water reserves but will not make it rot.

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4. Time to plant

Plant the Roses in the pot that has been provided and filled with the planting media about 1/3 of the soil and then fill the Rose stem. Place it in the center of the container. Then fill the soil again until the lip of the pot. Put some pressing over the plant by your hand.

5. Watering

You can watetr when the soil surface is nearly dry. Do not over-water the early planter as this will take some time to adjust. Periodically check the soil moisture. Then you can water it accordingly twice a day.

6. The intensity of the sunlight

Place the Roses in direct sunlight for about 6-7 hours a day. Don’t leave it too long in the sun exposure because it will dry it out.

Potted Roses will require more frequent feedings than when planted in gardens or other large areas of land because Roses are flower that need so much of nutrition.

Those are some tips for growing Roses so that they grow well and thrive in your home. Hopefully it helps.

Have a happy planting.

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