Propagation By Seedling Or Stem Cuttings?

For plant lovers, you definitely want to make more and thrive, whether it’s for personal needs or even for sale. But does the way to reproduce plants or flowers easy? Actually there are two ways to plant flowers or plants, it is generative and vegetative.

In order to have ornamental plants to decorate our home needs some points to make it comes true. One of them is by propagating the plant. Ofcourse it would be easy for you to multiply it by reading this method in advance.

  • Generative reproduction in plants

Generative is mated breeding through a process of fertilization or pollination.

  • Vegetative reproduction in plants

Artificial vegetative is reproduction without going through the process of sexsual which is also carry out by human hands. For example: stem cuttings, grafting, grafting and others.

Natural vegetative is reproduction that is done/develops by its root. For example: spores, rizhomes, bulbs, runners etc.

For those of you who want to plant, there are also several ways, for example with stem cuttings or seeds. Both of them have their advantages in producing tillers and their own disadvantages, what is it?

  • Planting by seeds:
Flower Seeds

Planting by seeds is easy for everyone to do and if you pay attention to this, it can be adjusted to your needs when planting.


  1. Planting with seeds is very easy to get according to your needs.
  2. For example, if you plant something that produce fruit such as tomatoes and are planted simultaneously, then the harvest can also be done together.
  3.  Depending on the variety, flowers or plants grown from seeds can live a long time.
  4. You can grow plants from seeds in large quantities.
  5. Plants from seed will have stronger roots when compared to stem cuttings or other ways.


  1.  Planting this way takes a relatively long time to grow.
  2. If you are grow a plant that bears fruit, it is probably that the fruit will have deviate from its parent.
  • Planting by stem cuttings:
Stem Cuttings
Stem Cuttings

Reproduction in this way is easy if done by following the correct steps, but you still need to pay attention to some these things.


  1. For the method of stem cutting, this is relatively easy to compare with other artificial vegetative methods such as grafting because it does not require special techniques, only using a knife or sharp scissors is enough.
  2. The same character will be obtained by its plants if grown by stem cuttings.
  3. You can plant it at any time because it is not constrained by time and season.


  1. The roots obtained will be weaker than planting by sowing seeds.
  2. Usually this method will cost you due to stem cuttings needs best plant stem.
  3. Plants will suddenly die if there is dry season continuously.

There are several things that you need to pay attention to grow plants according to their needs. Every method of propagation will always require accuracy in order to produce good tillers. Hope these tips can help.

Happy planting guys!

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