How to Care Syngonium Plants Easily

Syngonium belongs to the araeceae family. This beautiful plant has the attractive thing of its arrow-like leaf shape, thats why it is better known as the arrowhead or other names such as american evergreen and goosefoot. They will grow indoors because they really like the shade but also get light from the sun. This plant grows in a vine way because it has strong roots so that it is able to stick firmly to the supporting media, for example if you plant it in a yard on the edge of a wall or fence then they will grow to fill it. But if you want to make it creeping up you need to put moss stick in the middle of the pot.

Besides that, her beauty is increasing due to it has a variety of colors; there are dark green, whitish green, dusty pink. Although Syngonium is a flowering plant, they rarely bloom when it placed indoors. Syngonium is a plant that is easy to grow without soil by using water media.

Syngonium Plant
Syngonium Plant

This Syngonium will grow very thrives by propagating to a height of 30-60feet in its natural habitat “tropical rain forests”. If indoors they are able to grow quickly up to 1 meter depending on how we care for them.

The best soil for Syngonium plants

This plant really likes acidic or neutral soil with a pH of 7 and rich in nutrients with a good drainage system, of course so that water absorption is maintained because if the soil is too wet it would be the worst thing that will make the roots rot. You can also add peat to the soil so that moisture is maintained too. Or else you can loosen it to improve the compacted soil that the roots can grow properly.

The light is needed to grow Syngonium indoors or outdoors.

For those of you who have Syngoniums with bright colors like white, cream or pink, it’s better to place them in a place with indirect sunlight to avoid the color of the leaves from fading. But if the Syngonium you have is dark green you can put it in the shade with a little lighting.

Watering that is preferred by Syngonium

To make Syngonium grow healthy, good watering must be done. Water when the soil starts to nearly dry with the technique of watering the soil until the water comes out of the bottom of the pot, doing this about once a week to keep it well hydrated. When the rainy season starts, it is better to reduce watering to avoid root rot.

Temperature for growing Syngonium

Syngonium will grow well with room temperature around 59-78°F. You can put it outside or the corner of the house with indirect sunlight. If the outdoor temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius, it is better if the plants are brought into the house. Keep out of children’s reach and pets as this plant is poisonous.

The moisture that Syngonium needs

To keep moisture of this plant is easy but also difficult because this type of plant likes about 50 percent humidity which will make it thrive like its natural tropical climate.
Use the misting technique twice a week on the surface of the leaves to keep them moist.


Use natural fertilizers such as used rice washing water or NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium).

Syngonium trimming to keep them pretty

Syngonium Root
Syngonium Root

If you want to make it thick, you can cut above the root knot like the picture above. Do it on the branch that looks longer than the other branches to make it look well groomed.

Well, i wish this helpul for those of you who are starting to plant this exotic Syngonium.

Happy planting!

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