How to Plant and Care Canna Lily Flower Well

Canna Lily is a flower that thrives in tropical areas, often this flower often blooms in the rainy season. America is the place of origin of this flower and we can often find it on the lowlands, why? Because the lowlands have a loose soil texture and are located close to sea level so that whatever types of plants are planted there will grow well.

Canna flowers have beautiful colors, there are orange, yellow, red with green leaves that are arguably large for this size of flowers. It usually used as an ornamental plant in the yard of the house, it can also be used as cut flowers to decorate your room either in the corner of the house or placed in a vase on a table with water of course so it would keep being fresh.

Canna Lily Flower

Easy tricks for growing Canna Lily flowers:

Most flowers can be planted by seed, but for canna it’s best to plant shoots, seedlings or buy tubers because if you want to plant with seeds it will take time to grow.

1. Soil

Prepare a porous soil by adding compost and rice husk if you want to plant it in the pot to avoid soil compaction. However, if it is to be planted in the yard, just loosen the soil by using a hoe or other tool with a depth of about 15 inches.

2. Sunlight exposure

Canna Lily Care

Canna Lily really likes sunshine so you can place a pot that is exposed to direct sunlight, but it also likes moist soil doesn’t mean it’s stagnant water. Likewise, for planting in the yard, it is better not to be obstructed by other trees in order to get maximum sunlight.

3. Water

For the beginning of planting, you just need to water it with a little water, don’t make it too wet so that the plant can adjust to its new environment. Do it gradually. If it looks like it grows according to its environment means that it doesn’t wither, you can water it twice a day with techniques that shower the tips of the leaf flowers to the roots, but if it’s the rainy season you can water it occasionally because Canna likes good watering.

4. Fertilizer

  • Chemical fertilizers

You can use NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) fertilizer on the surface of the soil and then give them water. Such a technique is sufficient to fulfill its nutritional needs for several months. Don’t give fertilize excessively.

  • Natural fertilizers

For the second option, you can use kitchen ingredients such as MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) which has been dissolved in water late at a rate of 1 tablespoon for one liter of water.

Is there any special care for Canna Lily?

Actually, this flower is classified as a flower that is easy to grow, it needs good care but is not too difficult

  • To keep it blooming, pick flowers that are wilted to stimulate new flowers to grow.
  • Don’t forget when you were planting, give each other a distance of about 6 inches in the yard.
  • Keep cutting in pruning dry stems.


For diseases that are often experienced by Canna Lily, it is often damaged by snails, caterpillars, mites, fungi and leaf spots etc. To fix this, you can use pest control pesticides at the nearest flower shop as the last option.

So, those are some easy tricks that you can follow to plant and care for this Canna Lily. An exotic and long lasting flower. I hope this helps.

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