4 Best Care of The Oxalis Tringularis

Have you ever seen this beauty of flower named Oxalis Triangularis that has purple colour? Some people think that this flower is a parasite that ruins other plants because of its growth that spreads, for example if this plant grows around the tree, then it will inhibit the growth of the other flowers. But today many people are treating this flower as an decorative plant in the yard,outdoor, indoor which placed in a pot to make it look more beautiful.

There are many kind of colours: purple, white, variegate etc, and more than 500 species. It also has a very unique character because of its ability to close their leaves at night and open the leaves wide like a butterfly while flying in day time including the flowers it has. And when it blooms they give us a fragrant aroma.

Oxalis Tringularis
Oxalis Tringularis

Unsurprisingly this plant has its charm to be your favorite decorative plant these days. Then is there any special way to treat them so that it always looks fresh and healthy? Because even though it is relatively easy to care, this flower may suddenly die easily if we have wrong maintance. Here are some things you should do:

1. What kind of soil should we use?

Provide soil that moisture does not mean it should be wet. You can use compost soil in advance or rice husk.

2. Light intensity

Do not put this plant directly under the sunlight because it will causes of dryness leaves, place them in the area which is indirect sunlight but still could get the light such as under the trees as well.

3. Watering

You can water this plant according to the current weather, water it only when the soil is nearly dry in the rainy season and place it under a tree, but in the summer you can water it twice a day in the morning and evening.

4. Fertilizer

To make this oxalis tringularis more beautiful, you have to give it fertilizer at least once a month like NPK (Nitrogen, Fosfor, Kalium) which has been diluted first with water.

NPK Fertilizer
NPK Fertilizer

Or else if you don’t have the fertilizer above, you can use the kitchen ingredients available named MSG as known as Sodium Glutamate.
By following the method of treatment, your plants will be avoid from dryness or root rot which makes them die slowly. Don’t plant this flower with other plants in a pot for maximum growth.

Hopefully this helps.
Happy planting!

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