Euphorbia Milii Flower Needs And Care

Spending time at home when you are free time will be very happy for you because of the house is the best compy place ever, making us take a break from all activities, especially if your home is filled with beautiful flowers as decorative plants.

Decorative plants itself included many types of plants, some are in the form of leaves or flowers. There is also their diverse beauty from the way they grow, for example by vines, in terms of their striking colors or unique shapes.

Euphorbia Milii

Well, this time I want to review about this beautiful flower called Euphorbia Milii with a stem surrounded by many sharp and hard thorns but has beautiful flowers with colorful flower petals and even some of them has a gradation color.

Euphorbia is a plant that can survive a long time as known as perrenials plant. It has more than 2,000 species around this world. With a stem surrounded by thorns and a beautiful flower that resembles a crown, thats why this flower is better known as the Crown Of Thorns. While its blooming, this plant is able to maintain its bloom for approximately 3 months.

Then how to take care of Euphorbia Milii so that can grow well?

  • The first thing to consider is the planting media

Each plant including flowers, will thrive if it is given a good planting media which is rich in nutrients and is able to absorb water well too. Including this Euphorbia, provide planting media with sand, roasted rice husk and cocopeat. The mixture of the three planting media is able to make it easier for roots to grow, circulate air, quickly absorb water as well as be able to keep it and also minimize the growth of disease.

  • What about the intensity of sunlight that must be given?

Euphorbia Milii Flower

For euphorbia, look at the picture above, it shows the way they are growing are look for the light. So it can be said they like a place that is directly exposed to the sunlight, if you see from the flower stem, it is able to keep water so that it can survive in a hot place. Do not let this flower stagnate by water during the rainy season because it will rot the stems.

  • How many times can Euphorbia be watered in a day?

Because of its ability to store water in the stems, watering does not need to be done every day especially in the morning and evening, just once in 4 days is enough. Water them when its needed “nearly dry” and dont water it to wet.

  • Repot the flower

If you want to make it thick, give it a suitable container and you can trim the stems that are already very tall and stick them around to make them lush and beautiful. And if you want to separate them into other pots, don’t let the roots get wrapped around each other.

  • Fertilization you are needed

If you have just planted this flower, it is advisable to only water it until it is about 3 weeks old then you can use NPK fertilizer that has been dissolved in water as an option for their growth and progress. Because each newly planted flower plant will takes time to absorb the nutrients from the fertilizer given.

Avoid putting them under the place that is shady more than 50 percent because it will cause the leaves to fall out because the main factor of this Euphorbia is to be exposed to direct sunlight. Hopefully this flower will flourish in your home.

Happy planting.

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